About me

I'm passionate about people and life.

About Greg Lumley - Photographer - Me!

I'd always had a love for photography but never gave it thought beyond that. After picking up my first camera in early 2000, I couldn't get enough! Before long, my hobby became an obsession, I'd take my camera everywhere, and still do. Around 2005 I took a very bold decision to abandon my IT career for a full-blown photography career. It's one of the best things I've ever done.

I'm an unusual creative because I love working with people as well photography. This mixture put me perfectly in place for people who aren't used to having a camera pointed at them all the time. 

With me, you won't feel uneasy, in fact, it'll be a fun experience. Moreover, I'll give you pictures that will have you thinking "Oh wow! I don't look half bad at all" 

Random facts about me

  • I have two fantastic daughters.
  • I'm a born creative. If I'm not shooting, I'm making something.
  • Shock horror! I prefer Windows to Apple! 
  • I nearly became a radio DJ at 5fm
  • I've been building computers since 1995.
  • I'm an IT guru
  • I'm a DIY ninja! 
  • I'm more ADHD than you can throw a stick at! 
  • I'm social and I have the most amazing friends
  • I love house music and festivals. 
  • I love to dance, and I do it like no one is watching. 
  • I’ve never played rugby, but I love the game.
  • I ice skate like a Canadian, just can't play hockey like one.
  • If I had the choice, I’d have been a competitive downhill skier.
  • I’ll try anything at least once.
  • I'm a technology geek. 
  • I taught myself to program, before YouTube even existed. 
  • I've had 3 full blown careers.

I'm passionate about people, life and creativity. Being a photographer allows me to delve into everything I love.