Wedding FAQ

Wedding photography FAQ

I've shot many South African weddings over the last few years. Here are a few more common questions I get from my couples. If I've missed anything out please ask me. 

Where are you based?

I'm based in Cape Town South Africa, however, I've shot weddings all over Africa and Europe. 

Choosing the right photographer, it's a big deal.

Connection connection! 

Obviously you have to like my style and pictures, but it is so important that we have a connection.  As your photographer, I will spend more time with you on your wedding day than anyone. You need to like me and I need to like you.  I’m wonderful.

Consistency of work…

Everyone can produce an excellent picture now and again.  The question is can they do it consistently? With this in mind, it’s important to check out the blog or even a full wedding, this will give you an excellent idea of what you’re going to get start to finish. 

Are you very "posy"


I prefer to work off your personalities and instead I do “setups” I’ll get the two of you in a great spot, then I’ll work off your personalities.  I make silly jokes and get you respond to each other. I heckle, the responses are priceless and real and so is the laughter! 

Your photos should represent you as a couple, not make you look like two stiff stick figures.

Crime-scene photos

Well, that’s what I call them, these are the pictures you have to get no matter what, they are “posy”. You know, the standard mantelpiece picture of bride and groom.

Nan doesn’t care how creative the photographer is, just as long as she has that photo for her mantelpiece. Who are we to disappoint Nan?

We'd like to do a silly shot, will you?


Of course I will. The day is about having a great time and if that means silly photos and messing about, definitely!! This makes for some of the best (and most fun) pictures I’ve ever taken.

I draw the line at photo-shopping  in of dinosaurs, sharks, King Kong or a huge marshmallow monster… it’s just not going to happen

Do you do documentary / candid photography?

Yes Yes Yes, that’s most of what I do on the day. Documentary photography is like turning up for work on time. It’s not going above and beyond, it’s a given.  Capturing little moments in between are one of my favourite things to do. It turns out I’m superb at it, too. 

Do you do Same Sex Weddings?

I’ve been shooting same sex weddings for years! Did you know South Africa was the first in the world to legalise same sex marriage? LOVE is LOVE baby! That’s all that counts!

You're very creative. Do you also do family photos?

YES absolutely, I think they are important and they become more and more valuable. People gather from all corners sometimes for the first and last time in years, why would you not capture that?? If you don’t like it delete it… after the day is gone so is the opportunity. Family pictures are a beautiful thing!

What if we're not very comfortable on camera

MORE than anything I aim to help you feel comfortable and I’m good at doing that. If you are at ease, it shows in the pictures. Don’t worry about a thing! I’ll never leave you standing there like an twit wondering what you should be doing. I guarantee you’ll enjoy working with me and even have fun on the way. 

Do we get high res images WE can print?

Definitely I supply the high res photos for personal use. I supply images on a flash drive or via online download or both if you like. Make prints as you please. Share on all the social media platforms, go nuts! 

Can we have the RAW photos?

Can you move the Eiffel tower 3 meters to the left?

Can we have all the photos you didn't edit?

Can you move the Eiffel tower 3 meters to the Right?

What if you get sick or injured on our day?

I’ve been shooting since 2000, 600+ Weddings, that’s a lot of “I do’s” To date I’ve never missed a single job. I would have to be dead or in hospital not to get there.  That being said, I have an impressive network of professional photographers I’m able to call on in an absolute emergency.

How long before we get our pictures?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after the wedding day. 

How do we book you?

A 30% booking fee secures your date exclusively. No other bookings are taken on that date. Please note we secure no date until I have a booking fee confirmed.