Photo of South African President Cyril Ramaposa delivering a speech
Formal black tie event photo of large dinner - Inyantelo awards
Steve Madden - Summer Launch - Models posing at the Silo in Cape Town
South African Celebrity - Bonang Matheba - dancing at Steve Madden launch
Beautiful elegant cellist Carol Thorne playing at an event
Event photo of panel discussing various subects
An audience of conference delegates listening to a panel of speakers
Wide shot of conference including speaker (Cyril Ramaposa)  camera crew and 300 + delegates.

Cape Town Event Photographer

From Detail to Atmosphere! Expertly capturing events since 2005

Cape Town Event Photography

Event Photographer Cape Town

I've been an event photographer for over 17 years, in fact, it's where I started out. There is something about shooting a live event that I really love. It's the mix of getting involved with people, while at the same time just being a fly on the wall, capturing the mood of the moment.

Telling a story through pictures

As an event photographer, I'm there to tell a story. It's about getting the feeling of what happened in pictures. If someone wasn't there, they should wish they were.

Marketing is important

A good event photographer will also take photos from the marketing point of view. Great pictures are valuable for branding and drawing in new clients and keeping existing ones. Good branding goes a long way. 

Types of events I've shot

Over the years, I've done event photography for just about any event you can imagine.

  • Press conference photography
  • Concert photography (I was so lucky to have met Pink at one of them)
  • Golf day photography
  • Conference photography
  • Safari and incentive photography

I love doing it and I've met the most interesting people and traveled extensively doing it as well.  

Why me? 

  • My pictures are superb, judge for yourself. 
  • I engage and put people at ease.
  • I bring additional lighting, most environments are very light-unfriendly, no problem, I fix that. 
  • I capture the mood really well!
  • I understand the end use of the images, whether it be for press, PowerPoint or marketing. 
  • I give different angles
    Yes! I capture the necessary (I like to call them crime-scene photos) but I also capture creatively as well.
  • I deliver within 24 hours, often on the same day if I'm able to edit between shots. 

Getting the best mileage from your event after it's happened. 

Mood | Branding | People and Documentary

I'm a highly experienced event photographer, and I've shot just about any event you can imagine. My clients are some of the biggest and smallest companies in South Africa. 

Want to know more? Contact me. 

Cape Town event photography portfolio