Ladies - 5 tips on what to wear for your LinkedIn photo.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is important, it's the first impression connecting you to valuable contacts and perhaps even a new job, contract or venture. As a professional photographer, I've put some tips on the wardrobe. This one's for the ladies - 5 tips on what to wear for your LinkedIn photo.

Pro photos will pay for themselves.

Professional headshots stand apart. You already know this because you notice them immediately when you browse through LinkedIn. If they make an impression on you, they will make an impression to prospects.  That's what you want, right? Smartphones are adequate, but using a pro photographer will return your investment every time.

1) Just be you.

It's important you go with whom you already are, keep your wardrobe congruent with your personality (personal and professional). You know what you feel confident in when dealing with people professionally. You'll also be aware of what you find unprofessional in others, use that as your yardstick of what not to do.

2) Colours are important.

Stick to industry "Power-Colours" for starters. 

  • Avoid bright colours unless appropriate, while they can be 'fun' you'd much rather come across as a professional. 
  • Pastels work really nicely: Lighter colours and accessories styled to match look great, they work well with skin tones too. 
  • A word on white shirts or Jackets. White can often override skin tones and distract from the most important part, YOU! If white is an industry power colour, bring a darker jacket to reduce it. 
  • Bring a white shirt. Confused? I'm not saying don't bring white for the photoshoot, just bring wardrobe options, this allows me to shoot options for you.  
  • Select 2- 3 options. Not the whole wardrobe. 


3) No patterns or branding. 

Strong patterns don't work well on pictures, they distract. We don't want that. Branding is an absolute no-no. You are the most important brand at the shoot. 

4) Makeup

Take it easy on the makeup unless your industry requires it. Smokey eyes look amazing in an evening dress but convey the wrong message in the office. A good foundation works wonders in the pictures and makes the skin-tone rich and attractive. 

Smokey eyes can send out the wrong impression.

Professional makeup and hair? You shouldn't need one for normal headshots. But if you're doing a personal branding shoot, I highly recommend working with one. Not only will they make you look fantastic as the shoot progresses but you'll feel fantastic too. 

I highly recommend professional makeup and hair for personal branding shoots.

5) Hair

Usually 'neat' does the trick. Definitely don't try a new style the day before the shoot, you don't know whether you'll like it. Having a camera pointed at you will add pressure. 

Elastics: Watch out for elastic's or scrunchies if you plan on wearing your hair down, sometimes they can kink the hair. You might not like that. 

Beware Photoshop or "portrait" filter. 

I've photographed many top end CEO's from all industries. Their choice is minimal retouching, if any. Making you look 10 years younger with the skin of a baby can tarnish your professional persona when they meet the real you. There are exceptions, for example, the beauty industry and so forth. If you have to take an image with a smart phone, beware portrait filter. The result is often a smoothed out "plastic-photo", usually more unflattering than not.

Rather shoot in softer light with good makeup, or hire a professional. It's about return on investment, a professional photographer will give you that. 

Don't panic! Yes, I Photoshop. 

I usually retouch my subjects, the trick is to make it look like "The photographer had a nice camera". Viewers should just see an impressive picture, retouching shouldn't cross their minds. 

Retouching shouldn't cross a viewer's mind.

About me:

I'm relaxed and easygoing, I'll direct you so you won't feel awkward. I'll talk you through it and before you know it, we'll have a splendid set of pictures.

Greg did an amazing job with my portrait photographs, and I would definitely recommend his services.

His easy going and relaxing nature made it effortless to relax in front of the camera. - Roshana Solomon.


How I work:

  • Where: I come to you in Cape Town. 
  • Wardrobe: When I arrive we'll chat about your wardrobe, maybe layout a few items and decide from there.
  • What do I need: A space of 3x3 meters.
  • Setup: I take aproximately10 minutes to set up, all I need is a space of about 3x3 meters.
  • Looks: We shoot one to two looks depending on wardrobe
  • How long is the shoot: Approximately 30 minutes.
  • How long to get the photos: Usually within 3 days.
  • How do you get the photos: Via digital download.