What is a micro wedding and should you have one?

What is a micro wedding, and should you have one?

‘Micro weddings’ seem to be the latest wedding craze. But what is a micro wedding and should you have one?

What is a micro wedding?

Well, a micro wedding is, as the name suggests, micro – a mini wedding. Personally, I would have thought the term "mini wedding" would be more apt, but I digress.

A micro wedding is celebrated in a more intimate setting with fewer than 20 guests. With fewer guests, it's easier to create a wedding day as unique as you are.

Micro weddings stand apart from elopement ceremonies, where it's usually just the couple and two witnesses. They also distinguish themselves from intimate weddings, which typically involve a guest count ranging from 30 to 60.

Why are micro weddings becoming more popular?

They are more intimate, cheaper, and the possibilities for a unique wedding day for you and your guests are endless.

What are the benefits of a micro wedding?

Larger weddings mean more people to interact with, whereas the micro wedding is a far more one-on-one experience to be shared with your closest and dearest.

Your Day Your Way

The day is far more relaxed without the urge for traditions, trying to catch up with a multitude of guests, some who made the list because Mum made you invite them. Micro weddings are your day, your way.

For those who prefer less attention and aren't fond of the spotlight, micro weddings are fantastic. It ensures a close-knit gathering with everyone on the guest list.

Unleash your creativity!

Micro weddings offer the freedom to break away from traditional norms, allowing couples to explore unique ideas. With a smaller guest list, you can choose unconventional venues, embrace outdoor ceremonies, and enjoy more flexibility in planning meals and speeches. Whether it's a first dance under the stars or ditching formal top-table setups, the possibilities are limitless. With micro weddings, you have the freedom to shape your day exactly the way you want!

Micro weddings provide budget flexibility, allowing for either significant savings or increased spending on your priorities. With fewer guests, costs decrease, giving you the freedom to allocate funds to what matters most, whether it's an extravagant honeymoon or indulging your guests with premium beverages.

Micro weddings keep the good vibes flowing! Sure, there might not be a giant dance floor, but picture this: a cozy first dance surrounded by your closest friends – just as dreamy. Your speeches? They'll hit the mark beautifully. Your ceremony is in front of your nearest and dearest, and your entrance as newlyweds met with heartfelt joy.

Top tips for planning a micro wedding

Embrace the structure of 'your day, your way,' especially with micro weddings. While some guests may feel left out, it's crucial to stay focused on what suits you rather than meeting everyone else's expectations.

Opting for micro weddings, you'll need to be selective with your 20-person guest list. Don't succumb to pressures for plus ones and extended family. For those not invited, you can share your joy through social media photos and even livestream the wedding.

Get creative with your micro wedding! Break away from conventional wedding traditions, cultural expectations, and attire norms. A compact guest list allows for unique venue options like outdoor spaces, cafes, restaurants, VIP rooms, and libraries. Look into multi-day venue hire and turn your celebration into a weekend with loved ones. Explore ideas like pre-wedding dinners, communal breakfasts, and next day picnics.

With a small-scale event, you can consider each guest individually. What thoughtful touches can you incorporate to make their day extra special?

Create a list of non-negotiables with your partner, such as your preferred photographer, an amazing wedding quartet, or the dress of your dreams. A smaller guest list doesn't diminish the significance of these essential elements.

As a micro wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing intimate celebrations in diverse venues throughout Cape Town. If you're planning your own micro wedding, explore the links below to discover some of my favorite wedding venues and locations.

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