10 Things You Should Know Before Hosting an Intimate Wedding

The first thing to know about hosting an intimate wedding is that it will be less stressful. With fewer people, you'll have more time for each guest at your reception. You'll also have more time with your photographer, if you so prefer. Personalized touches are easier when there are fewer guests. Your budget will be lower than average because you won't need to spend as much on food, drinks and other items like a wedding cake or decorations. You might find it easier to book a venue or find availability on preferred service providers, like a wedding photographer or makeup artist. Flexibility, even on the day. This might not sound like a plus, but I've seen it happen more than once. You are no longer restricted to set areas, smaller size means you could use your favourite part of the venue. 

  1. There will be less stress 
  2. More time for each guest at your reception
  3. More time with your photographer, if you so prefer
  4. Personalized touches are easier with fewer guests
  5. Your budget will be lower than average
  6. You might find it easier to book a venue
  7. Booking on the weekend is less essential
  8. Flexibility, even on the day
  9. Use more locations within the venue
  10. More availability on preferred service providers:
    Wedding photographer
    Wedding Planner, etc...


How a Personal Touch Will Make Your Intimate Wedding Unique

The best part of hosting a small wedding? You get to be more hands-on with a lot of the decisions. Like selecting your menu, deciding on who will walk you down the aisle, and capturing all your favorite details on camera. With an intimate wedding, it's easier to not only decide how long dinner should be served for but also what everyone will eat. And if you're looking for some help, you'll find that there are many affordable service providers out there!

Intimate weddings are always unique. Your guests will love being able to spend time with you and each other, getting to know one another in a way that big weddings rarely allow for. Don’t let the idea of an intimate wedding overwhelm you. There are plenty of things that can be done to make this type of event unforgettable.