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How to do a Yacht Proposal in Cape Town. 

How to do a Yacht Proposal in Cape Town. Are you looking for proposal ideas in the South Africa? What about a yacht proposal in Cape Town? Mohammed decided that's what he wanted... Read more

I like to donate my time to worthy causes

Pro-bono photos with T.E.A.R.S. animal rescue. I like to donate my time to worthy causes. I have photography skills that can help others to help themselves. Besides, I love what I... Read more

Don't fake out your subjects with Photoshop

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop? I believe; don't fake out your subjects with Photoshop, but I'm a big fan of enhancing instead.  No one will scrutinise a picture more... Read more

Behind the scenes pets shoot photography tips.

I love helping with a good cause, I often shoot for TEARS, one of the country’s leading animal welfare organisations based in Cape Town. Their work with animals is incredible,... Read more

Modern upmarket wedding venue - Cape Town - Zeits Mocaa

A convenient, Modern and Magnificent wedding venue.   If you're looking for a modern and upmarket wedding venue in Cape Town, the Zeit's Mocaa will appeal to you no end. The... Read more

How to book the right photographer

At some point you will need one. Here are a few pointers on how to book the right photographer. It's an exciting time for photography, the industry that has boomed thanks to the... Read more

SA Wedding photography suggestions for Level 2

Finally, Level 2 in South Africa. Well, we're down to level 2, finally. So what does this mean for weddings and photography? Please support local "people" industries! We need... Read more

Am I allowed to taze the bridesmaids? A handbook.

Too many cooks etc... A large number of bridesmaids seldom works. Well okay, sometimes it works... sometimes. Think about it, with that much interference, it becomes difficult to... Read more

Bridesmaids to confuse evil spirits?

Evil spirit? Call a bridesmaid!  The origin of bridesmaids is actually pretty strange. In ancient times, in Rome, they were required to dress just like the bride so as to confuse... Read more

Which leg does the wedding garter go on?

So which leg does it go on? This is one of my most common questions, outside photography that is.  One would think after the number of weddings I've managed to shoot over the... Read more